Rocky Mountain Juniper

The Christmas wreath is a tradition that I joyfully create every year. Being new to Idaho I collected Juniperus scopulorum to make a Mountain West style wreath. These Junipers are native to Eastern Idaho and were often used to make fence posts in our valley. I see them growing 10-20 feet tall in the foothills. Perhaps so many of them were cut down for wood … Continue reading Rocky Mountain Juniper

Baby Monkey

Now that I’m working at the Horticultural Program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology I have access to a greenhouse.  The students grow all types of crops, from vegetables to fuchsia baskets to perennials.  The season is in full swing and I’ve been learning a lot about greenhouse growing.  Everything is different inside.  Watering and controlling pests and diseases takes on a new perspective from … Continue reading Baby Monkey

Winter Interest Plants

On a recent early morning outing to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens I enjoyed seeing the winter garden.  The plants that really stood out for me were the grasses.  Most were drying and golden brown, but the texture and shape was outstanding.  While many plants drop their leaves and disappear below the frosty substrate, the grasses are standing tall.  They are moving and sparkling in the … Continue reading Winter Interest Plants