Rocky Mountain Juniper

The Christmas wreath is a tradition that I joyfully create every year. Being new to Idaho I collected Juniperus scopulorum to make a Mountain West style wreath. These Junipers are native to Eastern Idaho and were often used to make fence posts in our valley. I see them growing 10-20 feet tall in the foothills. Perhaps so many of them were cut down for wood … Continue reading Rocky Mountain Juniper

Doves and Discs

  Some plants need the slant of the morning sun to be appreciated, others possess an intoxicating fragrance. The Dove Tree, or Davidia involucrata, is at its best when the wind rushes through the leaves, lifting the white bracts so they twist and turn and dance. They flutter. It’s like watching music. The rhythm sweeps through the branches, breathing life and creating patterns.  It seems … Continue reading Doves and Discs

Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry–A Tree for the Moment

The double pure white blossoms of the Mount Fuji flowering cherry opened last month and I knew that was my favorite tree.  It called to me on my walks and I kept getting drawn to it.  My dog tried to get me over where the grass smelled like several shades of pee, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of this tree.  Petals so white, … Continue reading Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry–A Tree for the Moment