Ukigumo Year Five

Here is my Ukigumo Japanese Maple as it travels through time.  This beautiful Acer palmatum has been with me for five years and it’s grown a lot.  This years photo shows it weighted down with raindrops and with partial variegation.  I recently read that variegation is influenced by cultural conditions and that the leaves will revert to plain green with too much fertilizer or too much sun.  I love all the colors on my Ukigumo, which receives full afternoon sun.  Sometimes it gets a little burned on hot summer days, but I like it where it is, welcoming me home.

Ukigumo 2013
Ukigumo 2013
Ukigumo 2012
Ukigumo 2011
Ukigumo 2010
Ukigumo 2009

8 thoughts on “Ukigumo Year Five

  1. Beautiful! Even if it does change colour the form and shape of the leaves is unbeatable. I love acers and wouldn’t be without mine!

      1. It’s looking lovely but growth has been slow this year. Our British weather has been all over the place!

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