Ukigumo Year Five

Here is my Ukigumo Japanese Maple as it travels through time.  This beautiful Acer palmatum has been with me for five years and it’s grown a lot.  This years photo shows it weighted down with raindrops and with partial variegation.  I recently read that variegation is influenced by cultural conditions and that the leaves will revert to plain green with too much fertilizer or too … Continue reading Ukigumo Year Five


This tree has a name that slides off the tongue.  Shishigashira, shhhhhhishigashira, shishhhhhhhhigashira, shishigasssssshhira, any way you say it, it’s  fun.  Especially fast, shishigashira.  I wonder how to type a word that represents very quick speech.  Slow speech is easy, lotttttssssss of lettttttttersssssssss.  Fast speech?  Shishigashira?  No, bold doesn’t work, it’s too blocky and solid, not fast.  Shishigashira, in italics is starting to get faster.  I … Continue reading Shhhhhhhishigashira

Ukigumo, You’ve Been With Me Four Years!

Ukigumo.  People like this tree.  Wrong!  People LOVE this tree.  A Japanese Maple like no other.  A head turner.  An award winner.  A poem, a cloud, a welcome home.  Here is a small tree that shows off its unique foliage of green and pink and white with a soft spring glow.  Every time I drive home my tree is sitting in the driveway and it … Continue reading Ukigumo, You’ve Been With Me Four Years!