Ukigumo, You’ve Been With Me Four Years!

Ukigumo.  People like this tree.  Wrong!  People LOVE this tree.  A Japanese Maple like no other.  A head turner.  An award winner.  A poem, a cloud, a welcome home.  Here is a small tree that shows off its unique foliage of green and pink and white with a soft spring glow.  Every time I drive home my tree is sitting in the driveway and it brings a smile to my face.  Every time Ukigumo makes me happy.  It never disappoints.  Here is my Ukigumo as it travels through time:

Ukigumo 2012
Ukigumo 2012
Ukigumo 2011
Ukigumo 2010
Ukigumo 2009

6 thoughts on “Ukigumo, You’ve Been With Me Four Years!

  1. I like them so much that I have two in the drylands of Boise! They do o.k. as long as they get early morning sun only. I love yours and have not seen this variety at the nurseries around here. I’ll look for it as I’ve had a “craving” to get another one. I just love ’em!

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