Witchhazel in bloom
Witchhazel in bloom

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Albert Camus
  • Take apart those rusty garden shears and clean them up! Clean, sharpen and oil all of your favorite garden tools.
  • Create a garden plan for the upcoming season by reviewing last years notes and making a seed/plant list. Remember to rotate crops in your garden space.
  • Enjoy the snowy winter days by curling up with a good garden book.
  • Get familiar with planting times for your area so you are ready to go! Urban Farmer Vegetable Planting Calendar, Urban Farmer Growing and Harvesting in Idaho, Idaho Falls Community Garden Association.
  • Gain knowledge! Try the University of Idaho Master Gardener Handbook.
  • Inventory garden supplies and seeds and plan to order accordingly. Try to order from regional seed companies. What will you need to get started in Spring? Supplies may be short, order early!
  • Water if necessary, especially before a freeze and plants below the eaves.
  • Longing for life?  Try growing orchids indoors! For more orchid info. visit the Northwest Orchid Society website. Buy some indoor grow lights for your houseplants and succulents. Let there be light!

PP  Which book would you read  before hiking the Appalachian trail?

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