Springtime Japanese Maples

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

I love the beautiful contrasting color on a Coral Bark Japanese Maple, especially in the spring.  This one I have in a container and the bright new growth is a perfect contrast for the glowing red bark.  Do you have a favorite Japanese Maple?  Ukigumo for me!

Koto No Ito

I love the delicate and narrow leaves on this maple Koto No Ito, which translates to ‘harp strings’ in English.  As they uncurl they seem to be filling with life like a butterfly from a chrysalis.  This tree reaches 6 feet in 10 years and turns golden yellow in the fall.

Goshiki kotohime

This dwarf Japanese Maple has pink leaves emerging in spring, changing to green in summer and yellow/orange in the fall.  Three seasons of color, better than most perennials!  The leaves are dense, small and crinkled, creating a unique texture in the garden.  Reaching only 5 feet and slow growing, this tree is great for containers or bonsai.

Everred Laceleaf Maple

The new foliage on this maple is soft and powdery. This is another small tree, but with delicate weeping branches.  The leaves hold onto their beautiful glowing red throughout the summer.  Japanese maples, you can’t just have one!

5 thoughts on “Springtime Japanese Maples

  1. The contrasts are lovely! My favourite is in my garden – Unfortunately I have no idea what sort it is, since it was here long before we moved in! It is currently flowering.

  2. I do love Japanese maples but they do not love our climate; the cold and wind no matter what you do just does them in unless it is the standard burgundy leaf one you find in the box stores…all others are doomed.

  3. That is so true! I have two and ive in an area that is not sublime for Japanese maples! I have one – ‘Sherwood Flame’ and can’t remember the other variety. Both are on my patio (shaded) and I just love them! I had the coral bark ‘Sango Kaku’ in my garden in Portland and Pennsylvania! I really like the look of Koto No Ito…

  4. I love all Japanese maples–the Coral Bark can make winter’s gloom tolerable–and I have several small cultivars in my front yard. My favorite was Fernleaf Full Moon, I had a lovely little specimen that sadly is now all chopped off limbs and two remaining leaves. As much as I loved it, apparently the Mountain Beavers loved it more.

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