The Secrets of a Good Thick Skin

Leatherleaf Viburnum










Here are two living things with a good thick skin.  The Viburnum has an amazing leaf, well name leatherleaf.  The hippos are well protected with their thick skin.  You know the old saying, when someone is thick-skinned they are not easily offended.  In nature that means not offended by weather, insects and disease.  It’s not easy being an evergreen broadleaf plant in the winter.  Enduring harsh temperatures, ice crystals, wind and rain.  But the leatherleaf viburnum seemed to tough it out. At times the leaves get droopy, but they retain their luster and shape throughout the winter months.  How thick is your skin?  do you retain your luster throughout the winter months?

Just the Facts
Viburnum rhytidophyllum    Leatherleaf viburnum
Hardy to zone 5…impressive!
Height and Width: 10 to 15 feet
Foliage: Evergreen, opposite leaves, 3-7 inches long
Flowers: Yellow-white clusters, blooms mid-May, fragrant
Fruit: Showy clusters, red to black drupes
Culture: Sun to shade, well-drained soil, easily pruned, protect from wind

3 thoughts on “The Secrets of a Good Thick Skin

  1. I have to say honestly I would be more of a fair weather plant although tough enough to take some high heat. As far as winter goes, I need to develop a thicker skin…I’ll have to keep leatherleaf Viburnum in mind next time I shrink from the cold! 🙂

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