No Mulch
Fresh Mulch

Nothing shows off a plant better than a fresh layer of mulch.  Today we spread a thick layer in one of my clients yards. The dark color really brings out the brightness in the grass and heather, as well as covering up the surface roots and rocks that have appeared over the winter.  This is a happy job.  As I spread the mulch today I felt like I was tucking the plants into their bed with a warm and cozy quilt.  Smothering weeds, retaining moisture, adding organic matter….what’s better than that?  Spring is here and it’s a good time to mulch!

3 thoughts on “Mulch

  1. I wish I was timely with mulching…but eventually we get there…I leave the leaves on the beds in the back as a mulch…the critters love it and it looks so natural…front and side beds get mulch…

  2. I love that – ‘tucking them in’. I don’t actually use mulch as much as I should but it is useful, of course.

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