Nothing shows off a plant better than a fresh layer of mulch.  Today we spread a thick layer in one of my clients yards. The dark color really brings out the brightness in the grass and heather, as well as covering up the surface roots and rocks that have appeared over the winter.  This is a happy job.  As I spread the mulch today I … Continue reading Mulch

Why We Mulch

It’s a lot of work.  It’s dirty.  It’s dusty.  It strains our muscles, makes us sore.  It’s expensive.  It takes time.  It takes hours, days.  It involves tools and equipment.  It takes deliveries and trucks.  It takes planning.  It requires mathematical calculations.  It commits us to lifting and hauling and shoveling and raking.  I’m tired already!  So…why do we mulch our gardens?  Because it’s so … Continue reading Why We Mulch