Blooming Now

Arbutus unedo is one of the best evergreen shrubs. In the fall it’s covered with bell-shaped flowers that hang in clusters all over the plant. To make it even better, the fruit from last year ripens at this time and the shrub is also covered with bright orange/red fruit. The bark is peeling and exfoliating with age. Just The Facts Arbutus unedo, Strawberry Tree Height 6ft-Spread … Continue reading Blooming Now

Farwest Show 2018

This month I had the opportunity to attend the Farwest Show in Portland, Oregon. Portland is an interesting place. One of the highlights is Powell’s Bookstore. It’s an amazing place devoted to books and people who love books. It takes up an entire city block and is several stories high. There are tables and shelves with staff picks and suggested reads. There are sections with … Continue reading Farwest Show 2018