Flowering Plum

Flowering Plum

In early spring the flowering plum suddenly changes from it’s winter camouflage of brown twigs into clouds of pink petals.  This tree is responsible for turning winter into spring.   It’s one of the first trees to flower and fill the month of March with color.  Bright and beautiful color that we have yearned for and dreamed of during the long dark months.  I like the way the petals gently fall and dust the ground below.  When I lived in Spreckels, California we often visited our community park and sat under the flowering plums in the spring.  We got so excited by the petals that my kids would shake the trees, pushing and pulling, until we had more than a soft rain, but rather a snowstorm of petals.  It was all so fun, until a neighbor came over and told us to be nice to the trees.  Me included.  Yes, I was guilty.  Caught in the act of too much floral fun.   No more shaking trees!   Another reason to love this tree is the dark purple leaf color.  A nice contrast to the green all around.

Just the Facts
Prunus cerasifera  Flowering Plum
Height: 15-25 feet
Width: 15-20 feet
Site: Sun, well-drained soil
Hardiness: Zones 5-8
Growth Rate: Moderate to rapid, short-lived 20 years
Flowers: Pinkish-white flowers appear in March before foliage

4 thoughts on “Flowering Plum

  1. the weird tree below reminds me of a very skinny elephant raising its trunk high up to get something. Those prunus are common street trees here, and joyfully herald the spring.

  2. The spring blossom really transforms every neighbourhood and always reminds me of confetti at a wedding as it falls to the ground!

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