The Celebration Begins

As the heaviness of winter pulls us down, our heads drop and our shoulders sag.  We plop easily onto couches, feeling little energy or light.  But there are a few plants that remind us that change is in the air.  A few early signs of spring are lifting up through the earth.  Tentatively rising towards that seldom seen sun.  Like festive little balloons, they announce that life is still good, let’s start the party!  We may be down, but these clear flowers look upward and forward.  They know something we don’t know.  That sun is still shining!  The minutes of darkness diminish!  Spring is coming!

10 thoughts on “The Celebration Begins

  1. Yes, you are right. I’m seeing the first green shoots from my Tete a Tete in the garden. Love all these nursery beauties. Are you going to the NWFGS? I will be there Friday and Saturday. P.S. I wish there was more rain here… I do like gazing at Primulas too.

    1. Yes! Come say hi, I’ll be in the Pacific Topsoils booth talking soil and mulch (and plants, of course)! Friday early, Saturday late.
      Enjoy the show!

  2. The ground here is still mostly frozen. Today, though, it is above 40 and as I have the day off I have gone out to do my first substantial stretch of work in the garden (cutting down some old shrubs I am replacing) in months. Feels good!

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