Everyone Needs a Tree

Everyone needs a tree to call their own.  Trees are all around us, but have you ever picked a favorite?  One special tree to watch through the seasons.  To photograph and spy on?  It’s like posing with a member of the family.  A tall member, with really good hair.  Trees are fun.  We walk among them and find shade under their branches.   We hug them and gaze into their leaves.  We climb into their branches and swing from their limbs.  On our walk around the arboretum my girls and I each picked out our trees.  We decided to take a photo with them each time we visit.  And the winners are…

Tessa likes the Birch Bark Cherry Tree

Paperbark Cherry Tree
Moderate Growth Rate 15-20 feet, 5-6m
Deciduous, Zones 5-8
Full Sun
Blooms white in late spring
Attractive bark year-round

Pacific Madrone
Moderate Growth Rate 20-50 feet, 6-15m
Evergreen, Zones 5-8
Prefers sun, well-drained, not moist, soil
Greenish white flowers in May, red fruit persists in winter

Dove Tree
Moderate Growth Rate 20-60 feet, 6-18m
Deciduous, Zones 6-8
Sun to partial shade, moist, well-drained soil
Two large white bracts surround the flower in May, resembling a dove or handkerchief, amazing!
Slow to begin flowering

Under the Pacific Madrone Tree
Carolina loved the unusual Madrone.
Isn’t it obvious which one I love?    The Dove Tree!

3 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Tree

  1. That Paperbark Cherry is really interesting. Great color and texture. How lucky you are to have such a variety of hug-able trees!! Ours are not so inviting. 🙂

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