Winter Arboretum

A new year’s walk through the Washington Park Arboretum was a good start to 2014.  It revealed bright colors of shiny red fruits and flame colored dogwood.  It beckoned us with exhilarating scents, the sweetest of the season.  I love the wake up of witchhazel, the tempting smiles of  winter honeysuckle and the surprise of Daphne in bloom which always produces loud exclamations of delight. … Continue reading Winter Arboretum

June at the Arboretum

Another month and another walk full of surprises at the Washington Park Arboretum.  The leaves are so lush right now I wanted to wrap myself up in their soft green blanket.  The highlight of this trip was stumbling into the grove of tulip trees (Liriodendron tulipifera) so tall and tree-ish.  Hidden among their branches were the almost camouflaged flowers in muted colors of yellow and … Continue reading June at the Arboretum

A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden

Of all the gardens at the 2013 Northwest Flower and Garden Show, A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden was my favorite.  No fancy paths, patios, staircases or dining sets, it was all about plants.  Finally, order in the universe!  There was one cute little hobbit house, but even it’s roof was made of plants.  I like how everything was tied together with moss and ferns and … Continue reading A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden

Daphne, the Lilac of Winter

Daphne is the lilac of  winter.  An unassuming shrub in foliage and form, yet unsurpassed in fragrance.  A fragrance in February is not forgotten.  A fragrance of flowers and bees, of sunshine and smiles, a fresh, floral, flowery feast.   With insects in short supply during the cold winter months, Daphne seeks them out with its potent scent.  To ensure pollination, it produces a potion … Continue reading Daphne, the Lilac of Winter

Everyone Needs a Tree

Everyone needs a tree to call their own.  Trees are all around us, but have you ever picked a favorite?  One special tree to watch through the seasons.  To photograph and spy on?  It’s like posing with a member of the family.  A tall member, with really good hair.  Trees are fun.  We walk among them and find shade under their branches.   We hug … Continue reading Everyone Needs a Tree