Winter Arboretum

A new year’s walk through the Washington Park Arboretum was a good start to 2014.  It revealed bright colors of shiny red fruits and flame colored dogwood.  It beckoned us with exhilarating scents, the sweetest of the season.  I love the wake up of witchhazel, the tempting smiles of  winter honeysuckle and the surprise of Daphne in bloom which always produces loud exclamations of delight.  There is a buzz in January around the winter garden.  Strollers, walkers, joggers, photographers are as common as the plants.  Hearing snippets of conversation at the arboretum makes me happy.  Things like ‘this is my favorite fern, it has leathery leaves’ .  Watching photographers zooming in on the lichen and moss.  Yes, these are my people! And January is a magical time to be part of it all.

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