Washington’s Best Kept Secret

This is what people think about Washington—It rains all the time, the skies are always gray, everything is gray, we all wear gray polar fleece and disappear into the fog, hibernating most of the winter.  Don’t let out our little secret, but this is what it’s really like in Washington in January.  There are flowers, bright and beautiful, teasing us out of winter. I just … Continue reading Washington’s Best Kept Secret

Winter Arboretum

A new year’s walk through the Washington Park Arboretum was a good start to 2014.  It revealed bright colors of shiny red fruits and flame colored dogwood.  It beckoned us with exhilarating scents, the sweetest of the season.  I love the wake up of witchhazel, the tempting smiles of  winter honeysuckle and the surprise of Daphne in bloom which always produces loud exclamations of delight. … Continue reading Winter Arboretum

Daphne, the Lilac of Winter

Daphne is the lilac of  winter.  An unassuming shrub in foliage and form, yet unsurpassed in fragrance.  A fragrance in February is not forgotten.  A fragrance of flowers and bees, of sunshine and smiles, a fresh, floral, flowery feast.   With insects in short supply during the cold winter months, Daphne seeks them out with its potent scent.  To ensure pollination, it produces a potion … Continue reading Daphne, the Lilac of Winter