Frosted Curls Sedge

This grass is clumpy cool.  Cool because this picture was taken on a frosty, frozen morning.  Clumpy because it’s not bumpy, just smooth and clumpy.  Any plant that looks this good in December is on my list.  My good plant list.  The happy list.  (Are you curious about my bad plant list? Here’s a teaser….Photinia…I scowl at you every time we meet!)  Carex comans or … Continue reading Frosted Curls Sedge

Mahonia x media

I first discovered this plant  several years ago while walking through the wonderful winter garden at the Washington Park Arboretum.  The winter garden is a hidden treasure to explore during this cold and bare season.  Once I broke away from the witchhazel,  Mahonia x media was the next plant to catch my eye.  This striking hybrid between two Asian species of Oregon grape  (Mahonia japonica and … Continue reading Mahonia x media