Frosted Curls Sedge

This grass is clumpy cool.  Cool because this picture was taken on a frosty, frozen morning.  Clumpy because it’s not bumpy, just smooth and clumpy.  Any plant that looks this good in December is on my list.  My good plant list.  The happy list.  (Are you curious about my bad plant list? Here’s a teaser….Photinia…I scowl at you every time we meet!)  Carex comans or Frosted Curls or New Zealand Hair Sedge is another story.  Walking by this small group of Carex I felt like I was at an art exhibit.  Considering light and line.  Pondering form and function.  Wondering how this grass suggests movement even as it’s frozen in place.  It has a rhythm and flow and appears to grow.  How does it do that?  A little bit of pixie dust?  Shimmering, it looks like a refreshing water fountain, tumbling over itself.  This planting is an example of repetition.  Repetition of the same plant creating a pleasing effect.  Repetition showing off the beauty more than a single specimen.  Repetition moving us along a flowing river.  Repetition is good with Carex comans, but it also looks great in a container.   It grows best in moist, well-drained soil, sun to partial shade.  This fine-textured dwarf evergreen sedge grows 12-18 inches high and will reseed, but not profusely.  An exciting addition to your very-pretty-plant gallery.

New Zealand Hair Sedge

2 thoughts on “Frosted Curls Sedge

  1. I think I have one of these growing but with all the water we get in winter and apring many times the sedges don’t make it…I am flooded this winter earlier than in the past which would be spring flooding…

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