10 Things to Wipe Your Butt With in the Woods

Trying out the new reblogging feature on WordPress.  I enjoyed this very informative article from Thrive Outdoors.  Looking forward to writing more about Wooly Mullein!

Thrive Outdoors Culture Journal

This post spawned from a lively discussion during the past weekend’s climbing trip to the Katsu-dake crags in Okinawa, Japan.  I must say that I have had many similar conversations, but this discussion in particular was quite in-depth.  A special thanks to the Okinawan climbing community for the inspiration!  I’m sure you are proud.

Disclaimer:  Some of the items listed are not necessarily “Eco-friendly.”  You are not a child.  If you use an unorthodox wiping material, then pack it out in a ziplock or poop-tube in accordance with local procedures.  No one wants to come across a nasty old sock with remnants of you all over it.

Toilet paper, and my personal camping favorite- the baby wipe, are like the comfort food of sanitary products.  We get so used to using them in our day-to-day life  that it is nearly impossible to imagine what to do without them.Here are…

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