What is it? I Need to Know!

This plant is tempting me.  It’s a photo from Mike in New Zealand and it looks awfully familiar.  I can’t quite place it, although Gaura comes to mind.  It’s hard to be sure without a close-up.  Who knows?  Can anyone name this plant or make a guess?

A dainty flower, shall we call it Flutterbye frillaria supspecies 'fanciful froo'?

3 thoughts on “What is it? I Need to Know!

  1. Hi Elaine, first of all i thought of Gaura but it is a bit different so I don’t think that’s it. Actually it is quite familiar looking but I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’m pretty rubbish at plant and bird and insect id. Hmmm, tantalizing … cheers, catmint

  2. It looks a bit like Crinkleroot, but I don’t know much about flowers… I’d say it looks like dogwood flowers, but thats a tree, so I know its not. B2

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