Gypsy Dog Plants

Hiking with a dog is so many things. Exhuberant, comical, frustrating and sometimes a little frightening, especially if the trail is narrow and the altitude high. Luckily my canine companion enjoys the outdoors and discovering new plants just as much as I do. Nosing in the heather, sniffing through ferns and leaping over boulders, she is filled with excitement and delight. Unfortunately she does not … Continue reading Gypsy Dog Plants

Arbutus menziesii

Arbutus menziesii, or the Madrone tree, is a beautiful tree native to Western Washington.  On a recent trip to Orcas Island I didn’t see any Orca whales but I kept spotting this amazing tree.   The most striking feature is the cinnamon red peeling bark in contrast to the young chartreuse green bark. The leaves are evergreen, alternate, oval and leathery.  The flowers are white, urn-shaped … Continue reading Arbutus menziesii