Scary Plants…Eeeek! Euphorbia!!!


Today I was looking at ‘Ascot Rainbow’ Euphorbia and started to get a creepy feeling.  Something was watching me.   Suddenly this unassuming plant took on a dark side.  Hundreds of eyes were staring…..and what was their intention?  Surveying the scene to take information back to their leader?  (Where shall we plant the minions/seeds?) Planning a special operation? (How to get the human to move us out front and out of the back garden hide-away) Checking out the competition?  (Echinacea are starting to bloom and lilies are growing tall, is it time to engage the enemy?)  Is this an alien life form with scores of little green men?  Or are they relatives to the  bizarre animals  that live here on our planet, like scallops with over a hundred eyes and spiders with their menacing glare.  How many evil things appear bright and shiny on the surface?  Look how beautiful this Euphorbia appears when not in bloom:

Dr. Jekyll

It’s all loveliness.  Even the name implies hope and joy:  Rainbow!  Soft colors of pastel green, pink and yellow.  But them Mr. Hyde appears and those eyes pop out!  It’s gone over to the dark side!  Eeeek!  Euphorbia!!!!!

Watch out…..

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