Witchhazel Espalier

What a great way to grow witchhazel!  Training it to a trellis on the North side of a building, it smells heavenly in the winter and the wide, elegant leaves make an attractive screen in the summer.  I love the shape that witchhazel grows naturally, reaching out and stretching as if to hold hands with the neighboring plants.  It can make a terrific horizontal display.  But in this case we are bending plants to our will, conforming them to a wall…why not?  Everyone is happy.  Sorry about the photo, I snapped it on the run with my cell phone.  These beautiful plants are growing at the Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle, also home of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Library, one of my favorite places.






























Witchhazel Espalier in Summer

3 thoughts on “Witchhazel Espalier

  1. I love the organic flow of leaves and brances that stretch over the linear structure of the latice and sidewalk… very ZEN!!!

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