Witchhazel Espalier

What a great way to grow witchhazel!  Training it to a trellis on the North side of a building, it smells heavenly in the winter and the wide, elegant leaves make an attractive screen in the summer.  I love the shape that witchhazel grows naturally, reaching out and stretching as if to hold hands with the neighboring plants.  It can make a terrific horizontal display. … Continue reading Witchhazel Espalier

Great Plant Picks 2012

I like a party with a theme and the theme this year is shady.  Made in the Shade is the title of the 2012 list from Great Plant Picks.  Produced by the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, a new set of hardy and reliable plants are recommended each year for the maritime Pacific Northwest.  Currently there are over 800 plants on this exceptional list.   … Continue reading Great Plant Picks 2012