Fresh and New Container Designs

At the nursery where I work we have an annual employee container design contest.  Here is some of the creative genius that is currently on display.  Can you guess which one I made?

5 thoughts on “Fresh and New Container Designs

  1. Some great ideas there – I like all of them! I’m planting up some summer containers soon, but nothing as dramatic as these! Thanks for posting! 😀

  2. Hi there! I’ve been potting up some containers too! These are beautiful, my favorites are Bananarama, Falling and Twist and Pink. Oh, I really don’t know which is yours but please share with us!

  3. Falling is mine. After I put it together I was moving it, and it fell and broke. Devastation! I took a few breaths and started over. I really like the umbrella pine and centered the whole pot around that beautiful conifer. Unfortunately, the petals have already fallen off the clematis, but the foliage is interesting and the dahlia will bloom for a while. It’s fun to have all the plants in the nursery to work with!

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