Summer Watering

Now that the hectic pace of spring has come and gone, it’s easy to think that all the hard work is over.  The planting, fertilizing, trimming and clean-up are all complete, shouldn’t we just sit in our Adirondack chairs and gaze serenely at the garden? We can’t forget one of the most difficult tasks a gardener faces, summer watering. With our Northwest summer drought, plants … Continue reading Summer Watering

Pennisetum Pot

I planted this container for a client and it finally came into it’s own when the purple fountain grass grew.  For months this Pennisetum ‘Rubrum’ just sat there and waited out the cool months, barely inching its way upward.  Finally, towards the end of July it started to shoot out and now in August it’s the focal point.  Combined with the geraniums, verbena and calibrachoa, … Continue reading Pennisetum Pot

Summer Color Containers

A customer comes into the nursery and questions me about plants.  I need some plants for a container.  Check. I need color. Check. I need something great for my entryway. Check. We excitedly start heading towards the annual area where the flowers are bursting with color. But then come the fatal words….and there is no sun. Nothing!  Not even a glimmer or a ray.  Most plants appreciate a … Continue reading Summer Color Containers