Plant Picks From the NW Flower and Garden Show

Pink Forsythia

Pink forsythia, or Abeliophyllum distichum, grows 3-6 feet tall in full sun to part shade.  It flowers in early spring and has a light, sweet fragrance.

Harvest Moon?























Beautiful foliage on this shrubby pine.  There was a little note by it that said ‘Harvest Moon’, but I can’t find it, still looking.  It contrasts well with the PJM rhododendron on the right.

Keiko Itoh Peony











It was a nice surprise to see this summer bloomer in February. Itoh peony is has sturdy stems and really big blossoms.  Happy day!

Flowering Quince












Flowering Quince was hard to photograph. My camera did not want to focus on the closer buds.  The beautiful big, fat buds are almost just as good-looking as the flowers themselves.  The plant itself has a pokey, crooked shape which looks great in a container.

Bloomerang Lilac











Lightly scented, this lilac blooms in spring and again in late summer until frost.  Fantastic!  It grows 4-5 feet tall and I want one!

Container with Agonis











It’s hard to see in the photo, but the tall reddish plant in the background is Agonis flexuosa ‘After Dark’, the shrub is Coprosma ‘Caro Red’ and the Sedge is ‘Rekohu Sunrise’.  I really like this combination, there were some new things for me.  Agonis is a tree from Australia and Coprosma a shrub from New Zealand.

5 thoughts on “Plant Picks From the NW Flower and Garden Show

    1. I had never heard of these trees before. It’s interesting what people put in containers, showing off the plants while they are young, and then they go in the ground!

    1. We had three pink forsythia at the nursery for several years. They never looked very good…sparse foliage, not vigorous. Finally this year they had a beautiful pink bloom and all three sold in one week! Sometimes our plants just need to get out of their pots and go in the ground. I’m always happy when plants go home with someone!

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