Remember the Roses?

It’s snowing outside right now in Sammamish, Washington.   It’s still winter.  It’s still February.  I’m tired of cold fingers and wet feet.   I need a little bit of summer.  Remember the sun?  Remember the smell of freshly cut grass?  Remember the warm breeze against your skin?  Remember t-shirts without three extra layers?  Remember bright sunlight?  Remember sweating?  Remember fresh tomatoes?  Remember the roses?  What do you miss about summer?

6 thoughts on “Remember the Roses?

  1. I love all those roses except Iceberg. They are commonly used by unimaginative garden decorators, symmetrically placed with a few box hedges. But all the others are divine. I lived in England for a while and couldn’t wait for the days to become longer and lighter. It was the light I missed the most. But in Australia you can mostly garden all the year round, except in summer you have to be careful about planting and moving things because they tend to die if it’s very hot.

    1. Hi Catmint, Yes, when I moved to Washington from California it seemed so dark up here in the North, now after 8 years I’m used to it. How hot does it get in the summer for you?

    1. We did get sun today, but it started off at 26 F….Brrrr! Most of the roses above I photographed at the Woodland Park Rose Garden in Seattle. Only one is mine, can you guess which one?

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