Remember the Roses?

It’s snowing outside right now in Sammamish, Washington.   It’s still winter.  It’s still February.  I’m tired of cold fingers and wet feet.   I need a little bit of summer.  Remember the sun?  Remember the smell of freshly cut grass?  Remember the warm breeze against your skin?  Remember t-shirts without three extra layers?  Remember bright sunlight?  Remember sweating?  Remember fresh tomatoes?  Remember the roses? … Continue reading Remember the Roses?

Woodland Park Rose Garden

The Woodland Park Rose Garden is a wonderful place to visit.  Located next to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, the 2 1/2 acres are filled with 280 varieties of roses. The garden opened in 1924 (87 years ago!) and it’s purpose was to provide a free public display of roses suitable for Seattle’s climate, and it continues to do just that. This is a … Continue reading Woodland Park Rose Garden