Woodland Park Rose Garden

A quick trip to Seattle’s Woodland Park Rose garden showed that the June gloom was not beneficial to organically grown roses in 2012. There were fungal diseases and sparse foliage on display. Valiantly the roses showed their colors, still a delight even in their struggle against time and weather. One exception to the insufficient shrubs was the new introduction Sunshine Daydream. Leaves glossy, green, full, lush and plentiful. Flowers bright yellow. I’ve also watched it over the season at the nursery, and it stands out there as well. It appears very strong and disease resistant. Gold medal to Sunshine Daydream for the top rose of July!

4 thoughts on “Woodland Park Rose Garden

  1. I also like the pastel yellow of Sunshine Dream…my roses have been troopers through the Japanese beetle invasion, cold spring, hot dry summer and they are also blooming with no extra water….amazing.

  2. I don’t have many roses in my garden but am starting to get interested in incorporating them into some of the beds. I like the Sunshine Dream but in my bright, hot landscape I think it would fade quickly unless I could find a spot with shade in the afternoon. The photo of ‘The Fairy’ is beautiful too! Thanks!

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