I Beg Your Pardon, I Love My Rose Garden

This year I committed to really taking care of my roses. I weeded, watered well, added compost, added organic fertilizer regularly and monitored pests. It’s been a good year for roses. The first flush of blooms was in June and it was glorious. I felt like my friends who had been away all winter had returned for a summer party. I enjoyed their colors the … Continue reading I Beg Your Pardon, I Love My Rose Garden

Garlic from Father to Son

I just planted my garlic and I’m so happy to be part of its story.  I got it from a friend who had it from his father who kept it from the grandfather who came to our country from Czechoslovakia traveling through Ellis Island around the turn of the century.  This garlic has been around.  It started in central Europe, was carried to Michigan and … Continue reading Garlic from Father to Son