Umbrella Pine Tree

I love this tree. It’s unlike any other tree that I know. Rarity lends it interest. The name gives it importance. Sciadopitys verticillata, doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?   Skiados is Greek for umbel and pitys means fir tree. Verticillata means whorled.  A perfect description for the Japanese Umbrella Tree.  I want to be in that upper tower of the horticultural library where plants are named.  It would be fun to have the opportunity to name a plant and I like to imagine it happens in a botanical castle far, far away.  In reality plant naming probably occurs in a very ordinary room lit by the soft glow of a computer.   Japanese Umbrella Pine is well-named.  A beautiful plant, it can be hard to find and expensive, but worth every penny.

Umbrella Pine (Monkey Puzzle tree looking over it’s shoulder!)
Slow growing Umbrella Pine fills a container as a summer companion and adds winter interest.
Beautiful whorled foliage
Young Umbrella Pine
Umbrella Pine at the Nursery

Just The Facts
Sciadopitys verticillata    Japanese Umbrella Pine
Height 25-40 ft (8-12m)
Ten Year Height 5-7 ft. (1.5-2m) Very slow growing
Width 15-20 ft
Evergreen, coniferous, long-lived
Rich, moist, acidic soil with full sun
2-4 inch long cones
Needles persist three years

8 thoughts on “Umbrella Pine Tree

  1. I really like that too. The needles look lovely the way they curl slightly into an umbrelly shape… Yes, it would be great to be allowed to name a plant, or have a plant named after you!

  2. There are some great dwarf varieties available as well – ‘Joe Kozey’ is very narrow and upright, ‘Mecki’ and ‘Mitch’s Select’ are smaller. Love them, thanks for highlighting!

  3. Cool tree. Thanks for highlighting and thanks for adding the info about the dwarf trees. What zones? Do you think they could take hot afternoon sun of 90-100 degrees for 3 weeks?

  4. I was lucky to find this Tree, the Dwarf Joe Kozey a few years ago . Beautiful Tree if you want something that Everyone else does not have . It is a Perfect Tree if you have a Small Space and Need to put it in a Pot . Make sure the Pot is Very Large , Good Drainage and keep it Watered and Fed . It has thrived Very Well for about 7 Years now . About 15-24 inches of growth in 7 years .

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