Woodland Park Rose Garden

A quick trip to Seattle’s Woodland Park Rose garden showed that the June gloom was not beneficial to organically grown roses in 2012. There were fungal diseases and sparse foliage on display. Valiantly the roses showed their colors, still a delight even in their struggle against time and weather. One exception to the insufficient shrubs was the new introduction Sunshine Daydream. Leaves glossy, green, full, … Continue reading Woodland Park Rose Garden

Book Review—Growing Roses Organically by Barbara Wilde

On the first page this book makes the questionable claim “these pages will teach you all you need to know to start your rose garden right”.   All I need to know?  All I ever need to know?  All that is absolutely necessary to grow roses?  It seems unbelievable, yet after reading this book, it may be true.  At least I feel prepared with the … Continue reading Book Review—Growing Roses Organically by Barbara Wilde