Seaside Salal

I’m a Star!

This is the story of a plant, unnoticed yet everpresent.  Planted not for show, but for usefulness.  It grows in my own backyard, it grows in the Olympic National Park and it grows in the Pacific Ocean!  Yes, I found it growing on a rock on the Washington Coast.  What a surprise when we were on the beach, looking at tidepools filled with fascinating invertebrates, to suddenly lift our eyes and witness Salal covering a large beach rock.  Gaultheria shallon.  Just saying it sounds like the sea, like a wave.  Shallon is a whoosh and a whisper.  Salal can grow and cover land like a tidal wave, persistent and secure with it’s place in the world.  A very successful Northwest evergreen shrub!

Salal Coming in With the Tide

Salal By the Sea

Shallon, Shifting between Forest and Ocean