Seaside Salal

This is the story of a plant, unnoticed yet everpresent.  Planted not for show, but for usefulness.  It grows in my own backyard, it grows in the Olympic National Park and it grows in the Pacific Ocean!  Yes, I found it growing on a rock on the Washington Coast.  What a surprise when we were on the beach, looking at tidepools filled with fascinating invertebrates, … Continue reading Seaside Salal

Olympic National Park

Here are some images from our rainy walk through this beautiful place, the Olympic National Park.  The forest was alive, glowing green.  Every tiny square inch had something growing on it.  Mosses, lichens, ferns, huckleberries, salal, sitka spruce, maples and more.  How does this area produce such a spectacular forest?  Here is the recipe, from the National Park Service: Ocean-Born Forests The lush forests in … Continue reading Olympic National Park

Natural Design

I love the flowing shapes of nature.  The lines that speak of movement and energy and the simple, elegant designs.  We build squares, but nature creates spirals and waves, like clear water flowing or warm winds blowing.  I recently read some interesting words about natural patterns.  From the book Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway: “Anyone who has spent time looking at nature has noticed that … Continue reading Natural Design