Castilleja parviflora

Skyline Trail

Mount Rainier Skyline Trail
Magenta Paintbrush, just under 7,000ft
Subalpine Meadow with Pasqueflower Seedhead, Lupine and Paintbrush
Lousewort, Lupine, Subalpine Daisy and Paintbrush

Hiking the Skyline trail August 2020 I experienced pure joy. Walking through the Alpine meadows, the air was light and crisp with the scent of hemlock and fir. The mists and dews made each leaf glisten and shine as if covered in millions of gems. The unbelievable color from the fields of wildflowers stopped me in my tracks time and time again. It was heavenly and happiness and joy filled my heart. I felt carefree and light, even in the midst of a pandemic. As I watched the water cascading down the falls it reminded me of relationships. Going apart, coming closer, constantly moving and changing. Yet always filled with life. I love the mountains, especially this magical place, Mount Rainier.

Misty Myrtle Falls

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