Everyone Needs a Tree

Everyone needs a tree to call their own.  Trees are all around us, but have you ever picked a favorite?  One special tree to watch through the seasons.  To photograph and spy on?  It’s like posing with a member of the family.  A tall member, with really good hair.  Trees are fun.  We walk among them and find shade under their branches.   We hug … Continue reading Everyone Needs a Tree

Ukigumo Japanese Maple

Ukigumo ‘I think that I shall never see a thing as lovely as a tree.’ With leaves of cream and pink and green, Japanese Maples are often seen. The reason being they have beauty all, winter, spring, summer, fall. Ukigumo translates ‘floating clouds’ and when I see them I’m often loud. Exclaiming at their grace and size of eight feet tall and six feet wide. Happiness grows in pot or … Continue reading Ukigumo Japanese Maple