Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry–A Tree for the Moment

The double pure white blossoms of the Mount Fuji flowering cherry opened last month and I knew that was my favorite tree.  It called to me on my walks and I kept getting drawn to it.  My dog tried to get me over where the grass smelled like several shades of pee, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of this tree.  Petals so white, … Continue reading Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry–A Tree for the Moment

The Celebration Begins

As the heaviness of winter pulls us down, our heads drop and our shoulders sag.  We plop easily onto couches, feeling little energy or light.  But there are a few plants that remind us that change is in the air.  A few early signs of spring are lifting up through the earth.  Tentatively rising towards that seldom seen sun.  Like festive little balloons, they announce that life … Continue reading The Celebration Begins

Seasonal Celebrations

Today I’m joining Donna@GardensEyeView for the Seasonal Celebration Meme.  Spring is the best and my favorite season, since my birthday is in May.  It always seems as if all these flowers are popping up just for me!  The earth releases an energy, taking us out of our winter dream-sleep. When spring arrives the world’s a better place.  Yes, winter has a few breathtaking moments:  soft … Continue reading Seasonal Celebrations

What’s Right in the World

There is one thing lately that people think is wrong with the world—the weather.  The lovely and terrible cold, late snow, spring frost, towing us under, back to the days of February and January.  But it’s not really the weather that’s wrong, it’s the wealth of weather complaints—stop people!!!  Look around and notice what spring has brought us.  Here is a list of what’s right … Continue reading What’s Right in the World

Roses—What to do in Spring

The following rose care calendar is from the book Growing Roses Organicallyby Barbara Wilde.  These suggestions are for zones 7 and 8.  Spring is a great time for roses! March:  Finish planting bareroot roses early in month, finish winter pruning early in month, check irrigation systems, sow annuals to attract beneficial insects. April: Plant containerized roses. May: Release beneficial insects if necessary, plant containerized roses, gather … Continue reading Roses—What to do in Spring