What’s Right in the World

There is one thing lately that people think is wrong with the world—the weather.  The lovely and terrible cold, late snow, spring frost, towing us under, back to the days of February and January.  But it’s not really the weather that’s wrong, it’s the wealth of weather complaints—stop people!!!  Look around and notice what spring has brought us.  Here is a list of what’s right in the world:

Flowering cherries dripping from the trees, the shift of white/yellow on the flowering pears, the sweet scent of viburnum, the fat and happy spring buds, the vibrant orange, pink, red and green of Japanese Maple leaves, the piercing cry of the bald eagle, the perfect purple pansy, the soft curving petals of the camellia, the morning song of the sparrow, the fresh cool air that is most excellent for working and breathing, the unfurling leaves everywhere that are just waking up from their rather tight winter nap, stretching out and saying “spring is here, all around us, enjoy it!”

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