A Pacific Northwest Beach Garden

This beach garden at the 2013 Flower and Garden Show was a delight.  It was created by Plantswoman Design Inc.  and I was attracted to it right away with it’s coastal theme and cool plants.  It featured drought tolerant coastal and unusual plants.  One of my favorites was Scilla peruviana.   This bold bulb was just beginning to bloom, shooting out little blue stars.  I loved it!  I also liked the moon snail shells around the plants and the brilliant blue pillar.  A perfect get away!

4 thoughts on “A Pacific Northwest Beach Garden

  1. I wish my garden could be this green and lush. Desert gardening just isn’t the same. I did do a couple of pots this year for a succulent container garden. I guess I’m resigning myself to the fact Impatiens are not in the life plan at the moment. 🙂

  2. Very pretty and idyllic, but having made a garden on the North shore of Orcas Island, I can only wish that growing conditions within just a few feet of salt water were so ideal.

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