Pillow Talk

This was a fun garden to drink in at the Flower and Garden show,  looking at all the contrasts and realizing there was a story.  Here’s the theme created by Wight’s Home and Garden: These two neighboring gardens portray how opposites attract.  She lives in a 50’s style ultra feminine environment surrounded by a colorful garden.  He relishes their lively telephone repartee while ensconced in his favorite chair.  His garden is simple and the perfect backdrop for an evening cocktail.  The two are separated by only a white picket fence, so you can assume there’s a sequel in the works.  Do you think men and women need their own separate gardens?

2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Those white Hellebores look wonderful in those big, dark shiny pots. I like both sides, except the pink flamingos are a little too much pink for my taste! Thanks for sharing!

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