Building the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Today some students from our school (LWIT)  helped build the display gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  It was fascinating to see the gardens created from the ground up as 15 foot bamboo and mature trees and massive stumps and boulders were brought in and carefully placed.  Today was a day of building.  Walls, patios and ponds were constructed. Yards and yards of … Continue reading Building the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Flower and Garden Show Wrap Up

The Flower and Garden Show is becoming a distant memory, especially now that spring has arrived.  Here are some last looks at some of the display gardens.  I especially liked the flax planted in a fireplace to resemble a burning fire.  I also liked the bright color in the conifers and the delicate petals of the orchids.  The best part of the disco exhibit was … Continue reading Flower and Garden Show Wrap Up

Pillow Talk

This was a fun garden to drink in at the Flower and Garden show,  looking at all the contrasts and realizing there was a story.  Here’s the theme created by Wight’s Home and Garden: These two neighboring gardens portray how opposites attract.  She lives in a 50’s style ultra feminine environment surrounded by a colorful garden.  He relishes their lively telephone repartee while ensconced in his favorite … Continue reading Pillow Talk

Gardening Gone Wrong

Have you ever seen a “garden” and wondered what happened? Neglect? Lapse in judgement? A moment of insanity? And when did people start putting plastic in their gardens?  It seems strange, but that’s what people seem to want.  They come to the nursery all the time and describe their ideal plant.  “I want evergreen, remains 4 feet tall, flowers profusely, not too big, not too … Continue reading Gardening Gone Wrong