Make Moles Disappear With Ferrets!

When I heard that ferret poop was being passed around by my friends, I was very curious.  And then I heard that it was being used as a mole control and I thought…brilliant!  Scare away those pesky little mammals with  a natural predator.  Moles don’t eat plants, they eat insects and worms, but they can create a big mess when they dig up mounds of dirt on the lawn and in the garden.  Apparently, putting ferret poop down the tunnels and/or letting the ferrets enter the tunnels on a leash is a big deterrent.  After this ferret intervention, my friend’s mole problem disappeared like magic!  We have a ferret rescue shelter in our area which would be a great resource for this precious commodity.  Thanks Cindy for this creative solution!

4 thoughts on “Make Moles Disappear With Ferrets!

  1. Cute pictures! We’re hoping our resident mole will behave and move beyond the fence soon, where there are also many more molehills. (We only have one molehill in the garden at the moment!)

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