Flower and Garden Show Wrap Up

The Flower and Garden Show is becoming a distant memory, especially now that spring has arrived.  Here are some last looks at some of the display gardens.  I especially liked the flax planted in a fireplace to resemble a burning fire.  I also liked the bright color in the conifers and the delicate petals of the orchids.  The best part of the disco exhibit was listening to the Bee Gees, not the plants, they just didn’t compete with those flashing lights in the pavers.  But now those cold winter days are gone and spring has arrived with an endless cycle of sun and showers.  Blossoms are bursting and everybody notices this season for the flowers, which sneak open in the blink of an eye.

5 thoughts on “Flower and Garden Show Wrap Up

  1. When we first moved here, my husband was on a quest to find the perfect andirons for our arts and crafts house. He’d bought four pairs before he settled on one. The others are in the garden. One pair is on the outside of the chimney. Maybe I should plant some flax between them?

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