Scenes From Colombia, or, What Are These South American Plants???

My son is serving a two year mission in Colombia, South America,  and I have succeeded in having a few plant pictures sent my way. The first scene is a view of Bogota, maybe that’s a trumpet vine in the foreground?  A broadleaf  tree with big pendulous red flowers.  Any ideas?  The next is a view of Bucaramanga, I especially like the leaves framing the scene and that lovely cow waiting patiently beneath…good shot Zander!  Finally, the big mystery, and I’m dying to find out, what are these interesting conifers growing in front of the apartment building?  They have a distinctive appearance, with somewhat upturned needles near the top.  The reddish tree reminds me of a Hebe and the last shot is of leaf cutter ants carrying away those tasty little leaves.  Is anyone knowledgeable of the flora of South America?  I’m hoping to become better acquainted with this tropical botany, but until then, I need help!

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