Seasonal Celebrations

New Spring Growth

Today I’m joining Donna@GardensEyeView for the Seasonal Celebration Meme.  Spring is the best and my favorite season, since my birthday is in May.  It always seems as if all these flowers are popping up just for me!  The earth releases an energy, taking us out of our winter dream-sleep.

When spring arrives the world’s a better place.  Yes, winter has a few breathtaking moments:  soft pure snow, be-witching-hazel and beauty bright bark.  But spring just makes me happy.  Suddenly it’s like someone turned on the lights.  Winter was a misty gray with diffused dim light.  The sun was so low it barely made it over the Douglas Firs and then it would drop again.  With spring the brightness goes from candlelight to electric light.  The sun is willing to stay a bit longer in the sky.  Every thing has a new glow.  A green glow.

In winter we have green.  But in spring we have shamrock green, lime green and kelly green.  Behind the trees there is midnight green, pine green and forest green.  Coming up from the ground we find sea green, emerald green and moss green.  What once was dull has become a wealth of color.  What once was work has become an adventure.  Looking at the world is exciting.  I feel encouraged and renewed with hope.  Aren’t we lucky to be here?

Some of my favorite signs of spring are the ephemeral petals of the flowering cherry.  I love the bright memory of the lilac scent.  I-am-so-happy-I-can-hardly-stand-it when the Japanese Maples open their fat buds and burst into clear colors of red, pink, cream and green.  Spring gives us all of this.  All of this wonder.

Mt. Fuji Flowering Cherry

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