The Secrets of a Good Thick Skin

                  Here are two living things with a good thick skin.  The Viburnum has an amazing leaf, well name leatherleaf.  The hippos are well protected with their thick skin.  You know the old saying, when someone is thick-skinned they are not easily offended.  In nature that means not offended by weather, insects and disease.  It’s not easy … Continue reading The Secrets of a Good Thick Skin

Dawn Viburnum

Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ is a plant with a promise.  A promise that spring will come and flowers will bloom.  A promise that there is a sun behind the cloudy winter skies.  A promise of color in the December drizzle.  Dawn viburnum throws out it’s flowers in the winter, before the veined deciduous leaves appear.   Green all summer, the leaves turn a bronzy red in … Continue reading Dawn Viburnum