Strawberry Tree

Arbutus unedo ‘compacta’  has no strawberries and is more shrub than tree, nevertheless, the strawberry tree is a versatile evergreen shrub.  With glossy green leaves, similar to a laurel, flowers, fruit and a textured cinnamon-colored bark , this plant looks good year round.  Usually.  If it’s not too cold.  It used to be okay, but lately….  It is rated to live in zones 7-10, but … Continue reading Strawberry Tree

Four Feisty Ferns

I’m studying plants for the CPH exam (certified professional horticulturist) and am fearful of the ferns.  They are long on Latin and difficult to memorize…so many syllables!  Here are some of the meanings of these four feisty ferns.  (From Dictionary of Plant Names by Timber Press) Blechnum spicant or Deer Fern.  This is an evergreen native fern.     Blechnum is a Greek name for fern. … Continue reading Four Feisty Ferns


The colors of this plant are so diverse, it’s like using an artist’s palette in the garden.  Amethyst, purple, chartreuse, black, caramel, multi-colored, chocolate, red, peach, burgundy and bronze are just a sampling of the colors.  This North American Native, also known as coral bells, is a perennial favorite with many uses; deer resistance, flowers for cutting, dramatic foliage color, container or woodland garden, and … Continue reading Heuchera