Dawn Viburnum

Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ is a plant with a promise.  A promise that spring will come and flowers will bloom.  A promise that there is a sun behind the cloudy winter skies.  A promise of color in the December drizzle.  Dawn viburnum throws out it’s flowers in the winter, before the veined deciduous leaves appear.   Green all summer, the leaves turn a bronzy red in autumn. Blossom buds begin dark pink and the fragrant  flowers open in clusters of light pink, turning to white on the bare stem.  This viburnum continues to bloom for months.  It  grows in USDA zones 7-8 and reaches 8-10 feet high and 6-8 feet wide, a good sized shrub.  ‘Dawn’ grows in full to partial sun and prefers moist, well-drained soil.   Winter bloomers, like Dawn viburnum and witchhazel, sarcococca and camellia are good to incorporate into any garden, giving that extra zing to a dormant landscape.  Dawn viburnum also was chosen as part of the Great Plant Picks program, a list of exceptional plants for the Pacific Northwest.

Dawn Viburnum in December
Dawn Viburnum at the Arboretum Dec. 2011
Dawn Viburnum in December

One thought on “Dawn Viburnum

  1. I love viburnum, I tried to grow one once, I forget its name, but it had a divine scented small white flower (Birkwoodi?) But it needed more water then I was prepared to give it, so it died and went to compost. So I’ll just sit here and appreciate yours …

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